Miniature Hereford – introducing the herd

, , Miniature Hereford

The Hereford cattle breed was first started 250 years ago in Herefordshire, England. The Miniature Hereford has been developed over the last 30 years in USA by selective breeding of stock that was originally imported to the US from England.

The only difference between a Hereford and a Miniature Hereford is the height, the Miniature has the same body profile in terms of proportion to a full sized Hereford. A Miniature Hereford averages around 107cm (42 inches) in height and weighs around 450kgs (1000 lbs).

Miniature Herefords are docile and have sweet temperament, are easy to handle, to work with and to care for. With their cute body frame they are quite unique-a real attention getter, commonly used as pets, and as such they are great for kids, too, for 4H Shows.
Hardy, muscular and short legged, they mature earlier, adapt well to all environments, are easier on pastures and fences and they need less pasture space.

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