Education for riders

We can counsel you how to select a horse, how to take proper care of him and how to choose the right equipment. We will help you become aware and establish the proper relationship with your horse, on the ground and in the saddle. You can get acquainted with basics of western riding with our horses, too.

For smaller groups we organize one-day workshops with desired western topics:

  • presentation of the meaning and concept of the resistance-free western work with horses,
  •  how and where to start,
  •  what kind of equipment to choose and why,
  •  what makes a good western horse, what he needs to know and how must he respond,
  •  establishing a proper relationship between the rider and the horse,
  •  groundwork,
  • trailer loading,
  • preparing for competitions: Western Horsemanship, Trail, Ranch disciplines, …,


We can recommend experts in physiotherapy, osteopathy, breeding and reproduction, horse dentistry, bio-resonance …

For more information please call or send us an e-mail:
+ 386 41 857 401 (Marko), +386 41 806 481 (Gorazd), +386 41 977 043 (Doroteja),
e-mail: marko(at)