~AQHA Professional Horseman~

AQHA Professional Horsemen, who are we and why choose to work with us?

The AQHA Professional Horsemen Association is an elite group of trustworthy horse experts.

We are your first riding lessons and your first horse show. We help you achieve your dreams and make you a better horse person. We are the standard of horsemanship, character and integrity.

We are held to a higher standard of conduct by the equine industry, clients and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). In the field of animal welfare, we are the ambassadors and model for other organizations, they are using us to measure their progress. We are also stewards at the shows, promoting good horsemanship to people, interested in equine industry.

We are carrying out our role of providing service to the American Quarter Horse (AQH) industry, in a professional manner, and we deal with the public and our colleagues with the highest degree of integrity. We have set forth the following creed which shall govern our endeavors to fulfill our obligations:

  • To adhere to the professional standards of the AQHA and to work to further its goals and objectives.
  • To ensure that the welfare of the American Quarter Horse is paramount and that every American Quarter Horse shall at all times be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • To conduct all business affairs with integrity, sincerity and accuracy in an open and forthright manner.
  • To act with integrity in financial dealings with clients, other professionals and the public.
  • To fully disclose to customers the actual sales price and commissions involved in the sale or purchase of a horse.
  • To not charge or receive a monetary commission, or other remuneration constituting a commission from both the buyer and seller of a horse.
  • To handle our business and operations in a manner which promotes the image of the AQH industry.
  • To instill confidence among clients and the public in the AQH industry, avoiding any action conducive to discrediting it or membership in the AQHA.

    So, I’m proud and honored to be an AQHA Professional Horseman. And as such, to be at your service.

    Marko Vašcer, AQHA Professional Horseman



~~~True to the Horse, honest with the owner. ~~~

I am a member of AQHA, DQHA and, since the autumn of 2017, AQHA Professional Horseman.

My favorite way of acquiring experience is with the best teachers there are – horses.

Ever since I was, literally, in diapers, I’ve been following my father around the harness racing competitions. Slowly we replaced sulkies with western saddles, trotters for the American Quarter Horses and became the students of the art of western horsemanship. I can honestly say that I’ve been around horses and in saddle for all my life.

I am a firm advocate of resistance-free approach to the horse, comprehensible and individually tailored way to teaching, with emphasis on feel, which we can only develop while working with horses. Every single day I want to go out and try to learn something new, which will help me with better understanding and cooperation with the horse.

I was very lucky to have parents who have been actively involved with AQHA activities in Slovenia and wider, so I was able to get a good insight in AQH industry. My parents also taught me, by example, the importance of moral values, ethic, integrity, respecting the rules and loyalty to the world’s leading breeding organization.

All that helped me with becoming a member of the ECQHA organization team in 2014. It is a great honor to work and gather experience with experts in AQH industry.

In the autumn of 2017 I successfully defended my Bachelor thesis Use of genetic testing in Breed organizations of American Quarter Horses at the Biotechnical Faculty.

I am grateful to my family, friends, loyal customers and, last but not least, the DQHA, for their trust in me and support of my work and ambitions.

No gimmicks or special equipment, only commitment to understanding the horse. No salesmanship, just good horsemanship.